We are starting our first projects in Kitwe. Kitwe is the second largest city in Zambia, in terms of size and population

About 50% of the working age population is unemployed. This leads to high poverty levels, especially in rural areas. In total about 85% of the population live below the poverty line, with 46% classed as extremely poor – statistics that are beginning to improve.

Kitwe is one of Zambia´s most developed towns and an important commercial and industrial hub.

But unfortunately people in Zambia still lives below the proverty line.

After doing field investigation we came to the conclusion that the most common sources of water are water wells and river stream, and they often drink this water without any kind of treatment. At first we will be working in Kanfinsa, Zamtan, Newkitwe, Garneton, Kapoto, Mulenga, Maposa, and Zambia compound. We expend to expand through all of Zambia

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